BASKERVILLE Muzzle Traditional

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This classic box-design muzzle is typically suitable for dogs with narrow noses. The traditional design if ideal for use with problem behaviours such as;

-Food scavenging

-Harmful self-licking

And is well suited for;

-Handling and grooming

-Protection of wounds

-Supervised freedom for assertive dogs.

Size Guide:

1: Minature breeds         2: Maltese                       3: Bichon Frise

4: Border Terrier            5: American C/Spaniel    6: Border Collie, 

7: Dalmatian                  8: Golden Retriever         9: Weimaraner.

10: Irish Wolfhound       12: Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

13, 15,16: Bull Mastiff,  Mastiff, Rottweiler.

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