The Tweed Range - Luxury Quilted Mattress

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The Tweed Range - Luxury Quilted Mattress
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Luxury Quilted Mattress

These luxury quilted mattresses are to fit inside a regular plastic or material oval dog bed.

The Tweed Range of bedding gives a traditional feel of the country with subtle earth colours.
The mix of tweed and faux suede fabric textures offer a hard wearing bed with a comfortable feel. Made from polyester and acrylic. 

A subtle blend of country green tweed and tan faux suede. Green Tweed is available in box duvets, snuggle beds, luxury quilted mattresses and slumber beds. 

45cm - 18”
53cm - 21”
61cm - 24”
68cm - 27” 
76cm - 30”

84cm - 33”
89cm - 35”
101cm - 40” 

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